New 2015 Witches Ball Sponsor Detroit Pagan Pride

Detroit Pagan Pride
Between Dimensions, Between Communities – 2015
Admission: donation of non-perishable food or household item.
Saturday 8, August 2015
Green Acres Park
899 W Mapledale Ave
Hazel Park, MI
10:00 a.m. – 7p.m.
This year marks our 8th year celebrating the wonders and joy of life in the Metro Detroit Area Pagan Community. We are honored to be able to once again invite all of you to come out and celebrate with us on August 8th 2015. We had a blast with the over 400 patrons who attended our event last year, and our vendors provided a wide array of items for them to enjoy. We are glad to have you back to do it again! This year, we are delighted to bring back Harvest Games, Boffers, and expanded Craft Area, as well as a Free Clothing Swap. Keep watching, as the entertainment this year will be awesome. Pagan Pride Day Detroit also continues its community partnership with the Michigan Pagan Scholarship Fund and will again be hosting the fundraising raffle so that the children of our Pagan Michigan societies can have a hand up in their pursuit of education. Weddings are becoming a tradition at this event it seems, and Pagan Pride Day Detroit is proud to again host nuptials at our event! Come celebrate with the happy newlyweds to be! A new feature this year will also be our Pagan Country Fair. With Quilts, Foods, and other creations, get in on the fun and make a day of it with your Michigan Pagan neighbors. We are always looking for volunteers, presenters and vendors, so if you have any questions about where to be and how to get there, feel free to contact us. Remember, admission is the donation of one nonperishable food item, so that none may hunger, and none may thirst.

New 2015 Witches Ball Sponsor & Vendor Radiant Beings – Rennae Hardy

Radiant Beings – Rennae Hardy
Crossing the threshold at Radiant Beings is a transformative step….
25962 Knollwood South
Chesterfield, Michigan 48051
Store Hours:
Sunday – Tuesday 11-7
Wednesday Closed
Thursday – Saturday 11-7
A shift from the impersonal everyday into supportive serenity. Inviting cloud inspired hues of lavender and grey spark intuition while promoting relaxation. Our name, “Radiant Beings” personifies who we all are; unique individuals sharing our brilliant emanation of light and Divine expression of self with the rest of the world. Celebrating life in the spirit of honoring one’s authentic self is an evolutionary process that can be joyfully liberating. Change is constant and essential to life, at Radiant Beings we offer a variety of revitalizing services to support these transitions and encourage self-empowerment. Genuinely; “You” are the greatest gift you can contribute to the universe.

New 2015 Witches Ball Sponsor & Vendor Fairies Five

Fairies Five
Everything Embellished and Fancy Vintage
Handmade, Embellished, and Embroidered, Magic bags and Christmas Stockings. All my work is done freehand, with no patterns, so every item is unique. I use all natural fabrics, silks, linens and cottons. Vintage buttons and beads, full lead crystals, and freshwater pearls are used for embellishments.

New 2015 Witches Ball Sponsor & Vendor Pagans Learning Online

Pagans Learning Online
Providing A Quality Pagan Education From Your Own Home
Pagans Learning Online is an online pagan school that offers classes in several pagan traditions and pathways. To educate all those who seek knowledge and information and who wish to lead in their community. Pagans Learning Online is an in depth pagan education program instructing students in everything from basic to advanced practices and in several different pathways and traditions, we are taking baby steps to becoming a fully functioning online pagan university and believe very strongly in bringing back the pagan educations that used to exist before mainstream paganism took over.

New 2015 Witches Ball Sponsor Lansing Pagan Pride Day

Lansing Pagan Pride Day
Celebrate Solitaries
August 29, 2015
Valhalla Park
10:00am to 6:00pm
Holt, Michigan
We value all pagans, from the individual to the family, the solitaire to the coven, the merchant to the store owner. The Lansing Pagan Pride is without tradition, as we celebrate spiritual freedom, fellowship, and personal beliefs. We support an individual’s right to believe and practice what is true and right for them. We will strive to build a strong pagan community in the Mid-Michigan area that is supportive, and a topic of pride, for all persons involved.

New 2015 Witches Ball Sponsor Photos by Skysinger

Photos by Skysinger
Capture the fun and excitement of your special day!
Having a photographer at you’re wedding or party is more affordable than you would expect. I can capture candid shots of the good times and portraits for large prints suitable for wall display etc. At most events I capture 400 or more shots. I can put together a unique album of your day including portrait and candid shots. After your event I will provide on digital media every photograph I have taken in full resolution as originally captured. I can provide professional large format prints of your portrait shots.

New 2015 Witches Ball Sponsor & Vendor Motown Witch

Motown Witch
The place where magic happens!
(866) 816-4202
MotownWitch specializes in items to meet your spiritual needs. We have jewelry by Skull Thugery, handmade herbal soaps, oils, incense, candles, herbs, spellwork, counseling, altar dolls and a variety of curios. The MotownWitch is also an ordained minister and a High Priestess in the Vodoun tradition available to perform rituals and ceremonies.

New 2015 Witches Ball Sponsor Charissa’s Cauldron

Charissa’s Cauldron
Natural Healing & Magickal Products
Charissa’s Cauldron is run by Lady Charissa and her husband, David at Silver Pines in Rockmart, Georgia. The Charissa’s Cauldron line includes healing flower and crystal essences, magickal waters rooted in the local folk practices of the Appalachian Mountains where she lives and other magickal items grown or harvested from their property. As a part of her service to the Pagan business community through the Pagan Business Network, Lady Charissa searches out items made by other Pagan businesses and offers them in her shop.

New 2015 Witches Ball Sponsor Enchanted Jewelry & Gifts

Enchanted Jewelry & Gifts
Fantasy Celtic New Age Wiccan Gothic Charms Spells Talismans and More
(800) 867-4344
2892 N. Bellflower Blvd. Suite 283
Long Beach, CA 90815
Enchanted Jewelry is dedicated to bringing the best in metaphysical and fantasy jewelry and gifts to the online market. We sell a unique and eclectic mix of complementary, Gothic, Celtic, mystical, fantasy and other magical gifts for your enjoyment. Browse through our online catalog of sterling silver Celtic and Wiccan jewelry; Magical Charms; Key of Solomon Amulets & Talismans; Gothic Fantasy Jewelry; pewter Viking charms; Ancient Egyptian Amulets; New Age & Fantasy Greeting Cards; Reiki jewelry; VooDoo Charms; Magic Spell Kits, Rune Stones, Witch Stones, Divining Rods, and Tarot Bags. We also carry pendants for Skate, Surf, and Snowboard enthusiasts; Sealife, Pirates, Dragons and More…Check back often as we are constantly adding new products!